NOWNESS: The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2022


10 部电影  

In a decade of remakes, reshoots, and revisits (yes, we're looking at you Marvel) cineastes can rejoice in the knowledge that some original movies are growing in the cracks. However, a large portion of the releases coming out this year will most likely appeal to fans of horror and depravity. It could be an unconscious side effect of the pandemic but 2022 might be the year psychohorror and grueling thrillers make their comeback.

The line-up includes a porno set in a (obviously creepy) cabin in the woods, a masked villain with a penchant for child torture, mass murderers, and a deranged billionaire who thinks he's a bat. So, take a gander at the top ten films coming out this year, which for levity's sake, also includes movies that don't rely on a jump scare to shock its audience into submission.

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