含有标签 “Alternative” 的结果
7.4分(224人) Billie Eilish 流派: 电子
发行时间:2019年3月29日 发行方: Interscope Records
Beginning with the haunting alt-pop smash “Ocean Eyes” in 2016, Billie Eilish made it clear she was a new kind of pop star—an overtly awkward introvert who favors chilling melodies, moody beats, creepy videos, and a teasing crudeness à la Tyler, The Creator. Now 17, the Los Angeles native—who was homeschooled along with her brother and co-writer, Finneas O’Connell—presents her much-anticipated debut album, a melancholy investigation of all the dark and mysterious spaces that linger in the back of our minds. Sinister dance beats unfold into chattering dialogue from The Office on “my strange addiction,” and whispering vocals are laid over deliberately blown-out bass on “xanny.” “There are a lot of firsts,” says Finneas. “Not firsts like ‘Here’s the first song we made with this kind of beat,’ but firsts like Billie saying, ‘I feel in love for the first time.’ You have a million chances to make an album you're proud of, but to write the song about falling in love for the first time? You only get one shot at that.”
Billie, who is both beleaguered and fascinated by night terrors and sleep paralysis, has a complicated relationship with her subconscious. “I’m the monster under the bed, I’m my own worst enemy,” she told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe during an interview in Paris. “It’s not that the whole album is a bad dream, it’s just…surreal.” With an endearingly off-kilter mix of teen angst and experimentalism, Billie Eilish is really the perfect star for 2019—and here is where her and Finneas' heads are at as they prepare for the next phase of her plan for pop domination. “This is my child,” she says, “and you get to hold it while it throws up on you.”
Figuring out her dreams:
Billie: “Every song on the album is something that happens when you’re asleep—sleep paralysis, night terrors, nightmares, lucid dreams. All things that don't have an explanation. Absolutely nobody knows. I've always had really bad night terrors and sleep paralysis, and all my dreams are lucid, so I can control them—I know that I'm dreaming when I'm dreaming. Sometimes the thing from my dream happens the next day and it's so weird. The album isn’t me saying, 'I dreamed that'—it’s the feeling.”
Getting out of her own head:
Billie: “There's a lot of lying on purpose. And it's not like how rappers lie in their music because they think it sounds dope. It's more like making a character out of yourself. I wrote the song '8' from the perspective of somebody who I hurt. When people hear that song, they're like, 'Oh, poor baby Billie, she's so hurt.' But really I was just a dickhead for a minute and the only way I could deal with it was to stop and put myself in that person's place.”
Being a teen nihilist role model:
Billie: “I love meeting these kids, they just don't give a f**k. And they say they don't give a f**k because of me, which is a feeling I can't even describe. But it's not like they don't give a f**k about people or love or taking care of yourself. It's that you don't have to fit into anything, because we all die, eventually. No one's going to remember you one day—it could be hundreds of years or it could be one year, it doesn't matter—but anything you do, and anything anyone does to you, won't matter one day. So it's like, why the f**k try to be something you're not?”
Embracing sadness:
Billie: “Depression has sort of controlled everything in my life. My whole life I’ve always been a melancholy person. That’s my default.”
Finneas: “There are moments of profound joy, and Billie and I share a lot of them, but when our motor’s off, it’s like we’re rolling downhill. But I’m so proud that we haven’t shied away from songs about self-loathing, insecurity, and frustration. Because we feel that way, for sure. When you’ve supplied empathy for people, I think you’ve achieved something in music.”
Staying present:
Billie: “I have to just sit back and actually look at what's going on. Our show in Stockholm was one of the most peak life experiences we've had. I stood onstage and just looked at the crowd—they were just screaming and they didn’t stop—and told them, 'I used to sit in my living room and cry because I wanted to do this.' I never thought in a thousand years this s**t would happen. We’ve really been choking up at every show.”
Finneas: “Every show feels like the final show. They feel like a farewell tour. And in a weird way it kind of is, because, although it's the birth of the album, it’s the end of the episode.”
In Rainbows [音乐] 豆瓣
8.9分(220人) Radiohead 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2007年10月10日 发行方: Radiohead
英伦巨头Radiohead 带来了世界无数歌迷日夜期待的第7张录音室专辑《In Rainbows》。Radiohead 这次选择了独特的发行方式,网络发行,不是说网络方式发行是独特的,而是他们目前还没有选择一家唱片公司来正式发行这张专辑。在10月10号那天通过网络购买的方式来获得专辑,可以购买MP3,也可以购买CD,不过CD会比MP3晚2个月才能拿到手。最后的普通版CD估计要到2008年的一月份才会通过公司进行全球发行。MP3在10号那天英国当地时间早晨5点开放下载后,一直到现在,Radiohead的官方打开速度仍然很慢,可以想像全世界有多少在同时登陆一个网站,同时下载一首歌。歌迷需要付出40磅才能下到载整张专辑歌曲,其中MP3格式的为不写保护,160Kbps的音质。从Radiohead选择这样的发行方式来看,显然他们走出的是一条新路,他们相信网络传播对艺人的作品不是想象中的可怕与不可抵抗的。同时这样的方式也给世界唱片工业一个重磅,给世界的唱片市场一个新的思路与想法
xx [音乐] 豆瓣
8.9分(210人) The xx 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2009年8月17日 发行方: Young Turks
The xx是一支成军于2005年的伦敦乐队,在NME的未来50名单中,排名第六
The Queen Is Dead [音乐] 豆瓣
9.2分(150人) The Smiths 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1986年6月16日 发行方: Rough Trade
这早已是一张公认的经典之作,如果说《the queen is dead》是有史以来最伟大的摇滚专辑还略微有点勉强的话,那它也一定是上世纪80年代最出色的音乐专辑。第一首专辑同名歌曲结尾的近三分钟的吉他独奏,紧张快速却又极富旋律感,Johnny Marr的吉他天赋在这展现的淋漓尽致。第二首《Frankly, Mr. Shankly》虽然旋律简单,却百听不厌,Morrissey的嗓音温暖亲切,似乎是一位大哥在向你绘声绘色的讲他的经历。《There is a light that never goes out》无疑是乐队最有名的单曲,歌曲的亮点依然是结尾那略带欢快的节奏旋律和悲伤的唱调,似乎史密斯早已看透了世俗,一番无奈的感慨和宣泄。
Hail to the Thief [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(134人) Radiohead 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2003年1月1日 发行方: Capitol
2003年,Radiohead发行了乐队的第六张录音室专辑《Hail To The Thief》。主唱Thom Yorke那近乎病态的呻吟声,游离的吉它和弦,迷幻而缥缈的电子合成音,一直以来都是radiohead音乐的基调,也是radiohead立足于另类音乐歌坛的杀手锏。在相继推出了几张颇受欢迎的专辑以后,radiohead也在经受着考验,同时他们也在不断的变革与创新当中。融合了部分R.E.M. 和Nirvana身上的音乐元素。不仅有R.E.M.的迷幻和假声,而且在高潮部分还有Nirvana般简单的释放。
“2+2=5”和“Sit Down. Stand Up.”创作于两年前,开始阶段如慢慢上涨的洪水,并没有感官上的宣泄,在一阵低沉的压抑之后Thom Yorke终于爆发。“Sail to the Moon”加入了钢琴的伴奏,灵魂乐渗透了整首歌曲。专辑中的破碎,游离,迷幻和挑战性等方面与乐队上一张专辑“Amnesiac”几乎没有什么变化。 “A Wolf at the Door”前奏清新,但从Thom Yorke发声的那一刻起,其连续不断的呻吟使人产生了头晕目眩、半睡半醒的感觉。Thom Yorke运用自如的假声和迷幻的音乐风格,可以深刻的感受到Pink Floyd和R.E.M.对radiohead的影响。
这张RadioHead发行于2003年的唱片有个我喜欢的中文名字-<贼鹊篇>,我想这是因为我喜欢村上的缘故.实际上,这个奇怪的名字的确来自于村上春树的小说.乐队的贝司手Colin Greenwood说:"我看过村上春树的<发条鸟年代记—鹊贼篇>.书里的概念是我一直想传达的:黑暗会笼罩人类,而人们根本不自觉,他们觉得自己正在伸张正义,但这就是法西斯和无知的开端.这对我而言,才是真的'贼'."2003年的春天,这张唱片的原名在战火纷飞的日子里诞生.当时全球一片反战的声浪,"Hail to the thief"是在布什胜出选举后美国群众反对呼声中的一个口号,讽刺暴君的诞生.
作为RadioHead十年来的地6张大碟,虽然有一个颇具反抗意味的标题,但在音乐上却与十年前"爬行"时的狂燥血和少年心气相去甚远.气质上,似乎更加接近于上张专辑<Kid A>的电子迷幻.温和,阴暗,荒凉的实验色彩依然弥漫在整张唱片中.微细的电子噪音不断冲击着耳膜,声音悠远,色彩暗淡.虽然在有的曲目里,比如"There There",还能听出些依稀的力度,然而,也全都笼罩在一层迷雾般的电子糖衣之中了.主音Thom Yorke的声线如古堡幽灵般游荡,更是把抑郁发挥到了极致.另一首"Myxomatosis"作为整张唱片中最为"摇滚"的曲目,其中充斥着变形的Fuzzed bass声效,宛如那剂众多摇滚乐手都尝试过的致幻药-LSD.
而在歌词上,则也是写得精致而充满隐喻.虽然相较于之前的<Kid A>,好象是正常了许多.但是却都出奇的冗长.由于外语水平的限制,至今没能看懂一首完整的歌词.在每首歌的标题之后,还有个奇怪的副标题,更是显示出神秘的实验主义色彩.
实际上,或许你会认为我并不了解真正的RadioHead.在2000年那张迷幻又迷幻的<Kid A>问世之后,许多人带着失望离开了RadioHead.而我却恰好是那个时候认识了这支异质的乐队.是在某本杂志上看到<Kid A>的介绍,唱片的封面让我印象深刻.然后,第二天,就在音像店里看到了这张唱片.还是高中生的我居然想也没想就花N十大元买下了,奇怪.于是坠入 RadioHead编织的电幻深渊,无可抑止.
我想我只是喜欢这样的RadioHead.抑郁的,阴暗的,迷乱的RadioHead.虽然很多曾经喜欢他们的人因为这样的转变而离他们而去.然而我却是喜欢的.我觉得,他们就是这样一群神经质的孩子,纤细,敏感,抑郁.引用一个已经离开 RadioHead的网友说的:(他们的)音乐极尽压抑郁闷之能,让你在这样的听觉效果中自残!仿佛是面对着那永远无法征服的黑暗,你所能做的,唯有睡着或是死亡.
Honeymoon [音乐] 豆瓣
8.8分(134人) Lana Del Rey 流派: 流行
发行时间:2015年9月18日 发行方: We Love Music (Universal Music)
Honeymoon is the upcoming fourth studio album by American singer Lana Del Rey. It is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2015, by UMG Recordings. The album was announced during a Billboard magazine interview that was published on January 6, 2015. Del Rey began planning the album just two months after releasing her third studio album Ultraviolence (2014). Del Rey produced the album herself with assistance from Rick Nowels and Kieron Menzies. "High by the Beach" was released as the lead single from Honeymoon on August 10, 2015; while "Terrence Loves You" became available for purchase as the first promotional single on August 21, 2015. "Honeymoon" and "Music to Watch Boys To" later followed on September 7 and September 11 as the second and third promotional singles, respectively.
Blonde [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(131人) Frank Ocean 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2016年8月21日 发行方: Boys Don't Cry
On February 21, 2013, Ocean confirmed that he had started work on his second studio album, which he confirmed would be another concept album. He revealed that he was working with Tyler, The Creator, Pharrell Williams, and Danger Mouse on the record.He later stated that he was being influenced by The Beach Boys and The Beatles. He stated he was interested in collaborating with Tame Impala and King Krule and that he would record part of the album in Bora Bora.
In April 2014, Ocean stated that his second album was nearly finished. In June 2014, Billboard reported that the singer was working with a string of artists such as Happy Perez (whom he worked with on nostalgia, ULTRA), Charlie Gambetta and Kevin Ristro, while producers Hit-Boy, Rodney Jerkins and Danger Mouse were also said to be on board.[5][6] On November 29, 2014, Ocean released a snippet of a new song supposedly from his upcoming follow-up to channel ORANGE called "Memrise" on his official Tumblr page. The Guardian described the song as: "a song which affirms that despite reportedly changing labels and management, he has maintained both his experimentation and sense of melancholy in the intervening years". On April 6, 2015, Ocean announced that his follow-up to channel ORANGE would be released in July, as well as a publication, although no further details were released. The album was ultimately not released in July, with no explanation given for its delay. The publication is rumored to be called Boys Don't Cry, and the album is slated to feature the aforementioned "Memrise".
On July 2, 2016, he hinted at a possible second album with an image on his website pointing to a July release date. The image shows a library card labeled Boys Don't Cry with numerous stamps, implying various due dates. The dates begin with July 2, 2015 and conclude with July 2016 and November 13, 2016. Frank's brother, Ryan Breaux, further suggested this release with an Instagram caption of the same library card photo reading "BOYS DON'T CRY #JULY2016".On August 1, 2016, a live video hosted by Apple Music showing an empty hall was launched on the website boysdontcry.co. The website also featured a new "boysdontcry" graphic. The video marked the first update on the website since a "date due" post from July.
On August 1, 2016, a video appeared that showed Frank Ocean woodworking and sporadically playing instrumentals on loop. That same day, many news outlets reported that August 5, 2016, could be the release date for Boys Don't Cry. The video was revealed to be promotion for Endless, a 45-minute long visual album that began streaming on Apple Music on August 19, 2016.[16]
The following day, Frank posted a new picture on his website advertising four pop-up stores in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and London. Later in the day, the album went up on iTunes.
Stone Café [音乐] 豆瓣
7.9分(122人) 窦靖童 流派: 流行
发行时间:2016年4月22日 发行方: 發現音樂
竇靖童首張原創專輯《Stone Cafe》,與國際知名音樂製作人:The Invisible Men、Heather Porcaro and Alec Dixon共同創作潛心靈感之作。西洋電影般的節奏訴說自己任性但不倡狂的音樂人生,世間最酷的叛逆是無法選擇不出生在光環照耀下,但能選擇只沐浴在自己散發的鎂光下直至羽翼鋒芒。她的花樣年華看似被世俗判定,其實早已與自己創作的音樂逃離世俗紛擾,寂寞是她的營養品,遊弋過無數虛空,轉瞬非黑即白。世界五彩斑斕,卻只沉溺在自己指間紛飛音符的溫柔裡。
“Jason Pebworth”、“George Astasio”及“Jonathan Christopher Shave”組成的The Invisible Men是格萊美的最佳創作組合,英倫創作風範的他們是格萊美獎最佳唱片製作人; Alex Dixon和她的丈夫Heather於美國一起從事音樂製作。由他們與Leah共同製作的全英文專輯《Stone Cafe》將會為樂迷帶來不一樣的感受。
“Leah Dou”不再會是一個陌生的名字,在她選擇音樂的那一天起,竇靖童Leah Dou是華語樂壇最不可能忽視的人之一。頂著華語最強遺傳優勢的她,已經初露鋒芒,光榮綻放!
Demon Days [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(117人) Gorillaz 流派: 电子
发行时间:2005年1月1日 发行方: Virgin Records Us
GORILLAZ DEMON DAYS 收录苹果ipod全新广告曲Feel Good Inc
由Blur主唱Damon Albarn为主并隐身幕后代言沉寂三年

《等待黎明Demon Days》是一张带有英国风味的嘻哈唱片,Gorillaz保持了对旋律的忠诚和带着文艺气的傲慢。它把嘻哈与福音、朋克、后摇滚、地下电子以及另类流行串联起来,交织出Oasis的固执己见、Blur的直率癫狂、LinkinPark的气势汹汹,甚至还有BeeGees的得意洋洋。首推单曲《Feelgoodinc》以著名嘻哈歌手DeLaSoul的狂笑开场,充满了派对式的快乐;《Everyplanetwereachisdead》夹杂着布鲁斯的哀怨,爵士钢琴声散落其间,令人想起嬉皮士的茫然;《Allalone》中隆隆的Techno电子节拍,配上说唱更是张牙舞爪;HappyMondays主唱ShaunRyder在《Dare》中挎刀相助,69岁老影星DennisHopper的念诵则成为专辑中最让人意外的声音。
Slowdive [音乐] 豆瓣
8.7分(117人) Slowdive 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2017年5月5日 发行方: Dead Oceans
"It felt like we were in a movie that had a totally implausible ending..."
Slowdive's second act as a live blockbuster has already been rapturously received around the world. Highlights thus far include a festival-conquering, sea-of-devotees Primavera Sound performance, of which Pitchfork noted: "The beauty of their crystalline sound is almost hard to believe, every note in its perfect place."
"It was just nice to realise that there was a decent amount of interest in it," says principal songwriter Neil Halstead. The UK shoegaze pioneers have now channelled such seemingly impossible belief into a fourth studio opus which belies his characteristic modesty. Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive's stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears.
Deftly swerving what co-vocalist/guitarist Rachel Goswell terms "a trip down memory lane", these eight new tracks are simultaneously expansive and the sonic pathfinders' most direct material to date. Birthed at the band's talismanic Oxfordshire haunt The Courtyard - "It felt like home," enthuses guitarist Christian Savill - their diamantine melodies were mixed to a suitably hypnotic sheen at Los Angeles' famed Sunset Sound facility by Chris Coady (perhaps best known for his work with Beach House, one of countless contemporary acts to have followed in Slowdive's wake).
"It's poppier than I thought it was going to be," notes Halstead, who was the primary architect of 1995's previous full-length transmission Pygmalion. This time out the group dynamic was all-important. "When you're in a band and you do three records, there's a continuous flow and a development. For us, that flow re-started with us playing live again and that has continued into the record."
Drummer and loop conductor Simon Scott enhanced the likes of 'Slomo' and 'Falling Ashes' with abstract textures conjured via his laptop's signal processing software. A fecund period of experimentation with "40-minute iPhone jams" allowed the unit to then amplify the core of their chemistry. "Neil is such a gifted songwriter, so the songs won. He has these sparks of melodies, like 'Sugar For The Pill' and 'Star Roving', which are really special. But the new record still has a toe in that Pygmalion sound. In the future, things could get very interesting indeed."
This open-channel approach to creativity is reflected by Slowdive's impressively wide field of influence, from indie-rock avatars to ambient voyagers - see the tribute album of cover versions released by Berlin electronic label Morr Music. As befits such evocative visionaries, you can also hear Slowdive through the silver screen: New Queer Cinema trailblazer Gregg Araki has featured them on the soundtracks to no less than four of his films.
"When I moved to America in 2008 I was working in an organic grocery store," recalls Christian. "Kids started coming in and asking if it was true I had played in Slowdive. That's when I started thinking, 'OK, this is weird!'"
Neil Halstead: "We were always ambitious. Not in terms of trying to sell records, but in terms of making interesting records. Maybe, if you try and make interesting records, they're still interesting in a few years time. I don't know where we'd have gone if we had carried straight on. Now we've picked up a different momentum. It's intriguing to see where it goes next."
The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. This movie could run and run...
山河水 [音乐] 豆瓣
9.2分(114人) 竇唯 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1998年11月1日 发行方: 魔岩唱片股份有限公司
吉他:窦唯 张亚东 龙隆
Black Holes And Revelations [音乐] 豆瓣
8.4分(104人) Muse 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2006年1月1日 发行方: Warner Bros / Wea
2007 Japanese Limited Tour Edition 2-disc set comprising a 12-track CD album including the singles 'Supermassive Black Hole', 'Starlight', 'Knights of Cydonia' and bonus recording 'Glorious' plus BONUS DVD featuring 3 music videos, behind-the-scenes studio footage and live performances
The Masterplan [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(100人) Oasis 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1998年1月1日 发行方: Sony
Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Developed from an earlier group, the Rain, the band originally consisted of Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.
Psychocandy [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(99人) The Jesus And Mary Chain 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1985年1月1日 发行方: Wea International
Shoegazing(自赏摇滚)的奠基者The Jesus and Mary Chain的首张专辑,一般也认为是首张Shoegazing专辑,他们在其中演练了各种吉他噪音和梦幻般的和声,"Just Like Honey," "My Little Underground" 和 "Never Understand"都被认为是另类摇滚的经典。
The Boy with No Name [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(97人) Travis 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2007年5月7日 发行方: Sony
The Boy With No Name is the fifth studio album by the Scottish rock band Travis.
The name of the album came about when lead singer Fran and his partner Nora were deciding on a name for their newly born son. During this time, Fran sent a photo of his son to friend by email and labelled the photo "The Boy With No Name". Fran revealed this on the The Chris Moyles Show during an interview.
Favourite Worst Nightmare [音乐] 豆瓣
8.4分(96人) Arctic Monkeys 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2007年4月23日 发行方: Domino
While this sophomore release is unmistakably Arctic Monkeys, everything's a little more muscular and aggressive. Each song is embedded with revelatory moments, as if some sort of critical mass is achieved through skillful song craft and sharp arrangements until an explosive release of energy or emotion is inevitable. Arctic Monkeys have exceeded expectations with this record.
Without You I'm Nothing [音乐] 豆瓣
8.7分(93人) Placebo 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1998年1月1日 发行方: Virgin Records
经过第一张同名专辑后,Placebo延续90年代另类摇滚的传奇(Smashing Pumpkins等前辈),获得了乐迷的肯定。在这第二张专辑《Without You I'm Nothing》中,他们混合了70年代的两个风潮:Glam Rock和Punk。Stefan Olsdal的贝斯和Steve Hewitt的鼓为Placebo制造了紧迫而具张力的节奏部分。当然乐队的焦点依然是宛如雌雄同体的歌手兼吉他手Brian Molko。当然从声音上辨认,我们依然可以听到很传统的另类摇滚风格。因此Brian Molko更多的魅力是来自音乐以外。或者在现场,他会展现更多的魅力。毕竟,摇滚音乐的魅力依然是集中在现场上的。
不要以为, Brian Molko是虚有其表的绣花枕头。第一张专辑的全部作品都是出自他手;而新专辑中他也依然负责全部的歌词写作。专辑作品以典型的另类摇滚快歌为主。开场篇 Pure Morning是一首自我宣言式的歌曲。Celebration of Friendship with Women》则注定是一首优秀的单曲作品。Brick Shithouse合并了90年代的电子摇滚风格和Sonic Youth式的Punk吉他。You Don't Care About Us让人重拾80年代的吉他流行曲感觉。在包容了大量的风格之下,《Without You I'm Nothing》必定可以获得广大乐迷的欢迎。
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness [音乐] 豆瓣
9.4分(90人) The Smashing Pumpkins 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1995年10月24日 发行方: Virgin Records
The Smashing Pumpkins商业上最为成功的一张专辑,曾登上Billboard专辑榜首位,拥有“1979”等4首打榜歌曲。专辑以双CD的丰富容量探讨了生与死的轮回,以及人类在其中无止境的痛苦。曲风跨越了哥特、朋克、迷幻、金属的界限,被认为是90年代最优秀的摇滚专辑之一。美国《时代》杂志将其评为是 1995年最佳专辑,在Q Magzine于1998年举行的最强专辑读者评选中排名第29位,在滚石杂志评出的500张历代最强专辑中排名第487位——低了!
专辑以不同的版本发行,CD版分两卷,共28首歌,第一碟名为Dawn to Dusk,第二碟名为Twilight to Starlight。唱片版共6面,30首歌,五首为一章,标题依次为Dawn、Tea Time、Dusk、Twilight、Midnight、Starlight,大体是以时间顺序为线索。
Daydream Nation [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(90人) Sonic Youth 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1988年1月1日 发行方: Geffen Records
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