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Lemonade [音乐] 豆瓣
8.9分(89人) Beyoncé 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2016年4月23日 发行方: Parkwood Entertainment
Lemonade is the sixth studio album by American singer and songwriter Beyoncé. It was released on April 23, 2016, through Parkwood Entertainment. The album was accompanied by the release of a 60-minute short film of the same name, which premiered on HBO. It features co-production from a wide range of artists, and includes guest vocals from artists including James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Jack White. To further promote the album, Beyoncé will embark on The Formation World Tour in April 2016.
I Am… Sasha Fierce [音乐] 豆瓣
8.3分(62人) Beyoncé 流派: 流行
发行时间:2008年11月18日 发行方: Sony
I AM...SASHA FIERCE DELUXE - Includes five #1 hits "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," "If I Were A Boy," "Halo," "Ego," and "Sweet Dreams." Also includes bonus tracks "Video Phone" featuring Lady GaGa and "Poison."
梦女孩 (2006) [电影] 豆瓣
7.4分(55人) 导演: 比尔·康顿 主演: 杰米·福克斯碧昂丝
又名: 梦幻女郎追梦女郎寻梦女郎梦女郎Dream Girls
60年代的底特律,3个黑人女孩蒂娜(碧昂丝•诺尔斯 Beyonce Knowles 饰)、埃菲 (詹妮弗•哈德森Jennifer Hudson 饰)和劳莱尔(阿尼卡•诺尼•罗斯Anika Noni Rose 饰)组成了“梦想”组合,一心要在选秀赛中开拓歌唱生涯。然而,比赛结果却令她们大失所望,柳暗花明的是,她们被经纪人柯蒂斯(杰米·福克斯 Jamie Foxx 饰)看中,雄心壮志的要把她们打造成受市场欢迎的流行歌手。
于是,三个女孩的开始踏上充满未知的星途。柯蒂斯为他们设计了一整套方案,跟大牌歌手的舞台上表演和声,然后把重新定位组合中三个人的角色,让她们独立演出——歌喉最好但外形不足的埃菲被撤掉主唱的位置,而相貌出众的蒂娜则担当主唱。这使得组合内部掀起了风暴。三个歌手之间的关系开始在成名路上变得不再单纯, 埃菲和柯蒂斯之间的恩怨也在纠缠交织。
BEYONCÉ [音乐] 豆瓣
8.3分(54人) BeyoncéBeyonce 流派: 流行
发行时间:2013年12月13日 发行方: Columbia Records
Beyoncé is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Beyoncé, released on December 13, 2013 by Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Described as a visual album, Beyoncé is a simultaneous audio and visual experience where non-linear short films accompany its songs to illustrate the concepts that were conceived during its composition. It has been identified as one of the most explicit albums ever recorded, with feminist themes that are much darker than her previous material, including sex, fear, loss and the insecurities of marriage and motherhood.
Halo [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(49人) Beyoncé 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2009年4月14日 发行方: 101 DISTRIBUTION
《Halo》是美国当红R&B女星Beyonce的最新打榜单曲,收录于其最新个人录音室大碟《I Am... Sasha Fierce》中。作为Beyonce新专辑中的第四支单曲于2009年的1月20日在全美发行,在当时发布的英国单曲榜上,"Halo"首次跻身排行榜前十,最新的成绩已经排在了英国单曲榜的第四名。
DESTINY‘S CHILD组合的成员之一BEYONCE(碧昂丝).这位全球多白金唱片销售纪录的葛莱美奖得主DESTINY’S CHILD第一女主音,这次带给乐迷全新惊艳感受!
蓝调传奇 (2008) [电影] TMDB 豆瓣
Cadillac Records
7.4分(45人) 导演: 达内尔·马丁 主演: 艾德里安·布洛迪杰弗里·怀特
又名: 爵士传奇凯迪拉克上的唱片公司蓝调倾情
1941年,波兰裔移民里奥纳德·切斯(亚德里安·布洛迪 Adrien Brody 饰)为出人头地,开始经营一间酒吧。而此时密西西比的佃农麦肯利·摩根菲尔德(杰弗里·怀特 Jeffrey Wright 饰)怀揣音乐梦想背着一把吉他只身来到芝加哥,在街边他遇到了17岁的天才口琴演奏师小沃尔特,两人一拍即合,开始在切斯的酒吧驻唱。野心勃勃的切斯凭借自己敏锐的直觉和商业头脑,开办了切斯工作室(Chess Records),为沃特斯录制唱片,取得巨大成功。切斯在经营切斯工公室期间,广纳音乐人才,推陈出新,造就了一大批对美国乐坛影响深远的歌手……
本片主题曲Once in a Lifetime在2009年金球奖上,获得最佳电影歌曲提名。
4 [音乐] 豆瓣
7.5分(28人) Beyonce 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2011年6月28日 发行方: RCA
碧昂斯将于今年6月28日问世的第四张录音室专辑《4》的全部曲目已于日前曝光。据了解,碧昂斯即将发布的新专辑《4》一共收录了12首全新单曲。令乐迷感到惊喜的是,收录在新专辑的单曲《Party》请来了美国当红嘻哈二人组合Outkast的成员Andre 3000助阵献唱,而这位嘻哈唱将也是巧克力美人在新专辑中唯一邀请的演唱嘉宾。
Dangerously in Love [音乐] 豆瓣
7.7分(19人) Beyoncé 流派: 流行
发行时间:2003年12月2日 发行方: Sony/Columbia
International edition of the highly anticipated 2003 solo album debut from the Destiny's Child front woman includes the hidden bonus track, 'Daddy', which appears on the US version as well, plus two additional bonus cuts, 'Work It Out' (Top 10 solo single from 'Austin Powers In Goldmember') & '03' Bonnie & Clyde' (feat. Jay-Z). 17 tracks. Columbia.
Formation [音乐] 豆瓣
9.1分(18人) Beyoncé 流派: 流行
发行时间:2016年2月6日 发行方: Columbia / Tidal
On February 6, 2016, the day before her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performance, Beyoncé released a new buzz single exclusively on Tidal called "Formation". The song was available to download for free. The song was accompanied by a music video directed by Knowles herself. Knowles references the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as her wealth, public influence, southern heritage, and African American culture.
I Am...Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition) [音乐] 豆瓣
7.9分(16人) Beyoncé 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2008年11月17日 发行方: Sony
I AM...SASHA FIERCE DELUXE - Includes five #1 hits "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," "If I Were A Boy," "Halo," "Ego," and "Sweet Dreams." Also includes bonus tracks "Video Phone" featuring Lady GaGa and "Poison."
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) [音乐] 豆瓣
8.0分(16人) Beyoncé 流派: 流行
发行时间:2008年10月1日 发行方: Columbia
UK two track CD pressing of this single lifted from the R&B diva's 2008 album I Am Sasha Fierce. Features two versions of 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)': Main Version and RedTop Remix. Sony/BMG. 2009.
Crazy in Love [音乐] 豆瓣
8.3分(15人) Beyonce 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2003年7月15日 发行方: Sbme Import
'Crazy In Love' is the first track to be taken from the 2003 solo album, 'Dangerously In Love'. 'Crazy In Love', featuring Jay-Z, was co-produced by Beyonce & Rich Harrison. The title track (Single Version) is backed with three non-LP tracks, 'Summertime' (Feat. P. Diddy), 'Krazy In Love' (Rockwilder Remix & Maurice's Nu Soul Remix). Includes bonus sticker. Columbia. 2003.
鬼迷心窍 (2009) [电影] 豆瓣
5.0分(10人) 导演: 史蒂夫·希尔 主演: 伊德里斯·艾尔巴艾丽·拉特
又名: 纠缠惊心迷情着迷
在旁人眼里,德里克(伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴 Idris Elba 饰)无疑是成功男士的典范,美满的婚姻,稳定的工作,出色的能力,这一切的一切理应带给他一个幸福的人生。然而,如人饮水,冷暖自知,心中的纠结和即将崩坏的状况只有德里克自己心里清楚。
原来,在德里克的生命里,出现了一个名叫丽萨(艾丽·拉特 Ali Larter 饰)的女人,她的出现令人心动,却也是致命的。在丽萨明目张胆的诱惑和勾引之下,德里克陷入了婚外情的漩涡之中,包裹谎言的白纸逐渐被时间的火焰燃烧殆尽,同时,在丽萨的步步紧逼之下,德里克的妻子贝丝(碧昂丝·诺尔斯 Beyonce Knowles 饰)也对行踪诡异的丈夫产生了怀疑。
Irreplaceable, Pt. 1 [音乐] 豆瓣
7.6分(9人) Beyoncé 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2006年10月30日 发行方: Sony Bmg Europe
Part One of Two. Second single pulled from Beyonce's hit sophomore album B'Day. This slinky sensual slice of R&B is exquisitely sung by this artist who truly deserves the 'Diva' title based on her mesmerizing voice alone! Features 'Irreplaceable' (Album Version) plus 'Ring The Alarm' (Freemason Club Mix Radio Edit). RCA.
If I Were a Boy [音乐] 豆瓣
9.5分(8人) Beyonce 流派: 布鲁斯
发行时间:2008年11月18日 发行方: SONY BMG Music Entertainment.
UK two track CD pressing of the first single lifted from the R&B star's third album I Am...Sasha Fierce!. Features 'If I Were A Boy' plus 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'. RCA.
4 (Deluxe edition) [音乐] 豆瓣
7.2分(8人) Beyonce 流派: 放克/灵歌/R&B
发行时间:2011年7月5日 发行方: Pid
International Deluxe Edition includes a bonus disc with six additional tracks, Lay Up Under Me, Schoolin' Life, Dance for You and three remixes of 'Run the World (Girls). The title signifies not only the artist's fourth solo offering and the day of her birth but it is also a personal gift to her fans. For over one year now her fans around the world took to their social media pages urging her to name the album for her special number. Her first single, "Run The World (Girls)" was produced by Switch with additional production by Beyonc‚ and Shea Taylor. The song was written by Terius Nash (The Dream) and Beyonc‚. Sony. 2011.