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Loveless [音乐] 豆瓣
8.9分(151人) My Bloody Valentine 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1991年1月1日 发行方: Sire/Warner/Creation
在80年代末至90年代,英国出现了纯粹以吉他噪音实验为目标的乐队与风格,并且获得了相当大的成功,在英国独立摇滚中可谓独树一帜。敏感的乐评人称这一类音乐风格为“自赏摇滚”(Shoe-gazing)。“自赏摇滚”这一名称很是贴切,既包涵了乐队的音乐风格,又暗示了乐队特立独行的生活态度。 My Bloody Valentine就是这类摇滚的代表人物,Loveless是该乐队的第三张专辑,被公认为是该乐队最成功的代表作,在世界范围内都有巨大影响,这张专辑和乐队名称甚至一起出现在了经典游戏Final FantasyVII的片头CG里。
Blue Banisters [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(128人) Lana Del Rey 流派: 流行
发行时间:2021年10月22日 发行方: Polydor Ltd. (UK).
Blue Banisters is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. It was released on October 22, 2021, by Interscope and Polydor Records, seven months after her seventh studio album, Chemtrails over the Country Club. Two singles and two promotional singles preceded Blue Banisters: the title track, "Text Book", "Wildflower Wildfire" and "Arcadia". The album was produced by Del Rey, Zachary Dawes, Loren Humphrey, Mike Dean, Barrie-James O'Neill, Rick Nowels, and several others. It received generally positive reviews from music critics.
Slowdive [音乐] 豆瓣
8.7分(116人) Slowdive 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2017年5月5日 发行方: Dead Oceans
"It felt like we were in a movie that had a totally implausible ending..."
Slowdive's second act as a live blockbuster has already been rapturously received around the world. Highlights thus far include a festival-conquering, sea-of-devotees Primavera Sound performance, of which Pitchfork noted: "The beauty of their crystalline sound is almost hard to believe, every note in its perfect place."
"It was just nice to realise that there was a decent amount of interest in it," says principal songwriter Neil Halstead. The UK shoegaze pioneers have now channelled such seemingly impossible belief into a fourth studio opus which belies his characteristic modesty. Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive's stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears.
Deftly swerving what co-vocalist/guitarist Rachel Goswell terms "a trip down memory lane", these eight new tracks are simultaneously expansive and the sonic pathfinders' most direct material to date. Birthed at the band's talismanic Oxfordshire haunt The Courtyard - "It felt like home," enthuses guitarist Christian Savill - their diamantine melodies were mixed to a suitably hypnotic sheen at Los Angeles' famed Sunset Sound facility by Chris Coady (perhaps best known for his work with Beach House, one of countless contemporary acts to have followed in Slowdive's wake).
"It's poppier than I thought it was going to be," notes Halstead, who was the primary architect of 1995's previous full-length transmission Pygmalion. This time out the group dynamic was all-important. "When you're in a band and you do three records, there's a continuous flow and a development. For us, that flow re-started with us playing live again and that has continued into the record."
Drummer and loop conductor Simon Scott enhanced the likes of 'Slomo' and 'Falling Ashes' with abstract textures conjured via his laptop's signal processing software. A fecund period of experimentation with "40-minute iPhone jams" allowed the unit to then amplify the core of their chemistry. "Neil is such a gifted songwriter, so the songs won. He has these sparks of melodies, like 'Sugar For The Pill' and 'Star Roving', which are really special. But the new record still has a toe in that Pygmalion sound. In the future, things could get very interesting indeed."
This open-channel approach to creativity is reflected by Slowdive's impressively wide field of influence, from indie-rock avatars to ambient voyagers - see the tribute album of cover versions released by Berlin electronic label Morr Music. As befits such evocative visionaries, you can also hear Slowdive through the silver screen: New Queer Cinema trailblazer Gregg Araki has featured them on the soundtracks to no less than four of his films.
"When I moved to America in 2008 I was working in an organic grocery store," recalls Christian. "Kids started coming in and asking if it was true I had played in Slowdive. That's when I started thinking, 'OK, this is weird!'"
Neil Halstead: "We were always ambitious. Not in terms of trying to sell records, but in terms of making interesting records. Maybe, if you try and make interesting records, they're still interesting in a few years time. I don't know where we'd have gone if we had carried straight on. Now we've picked up a different momentum. It's intriguing to see where it goes next."
The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. This movie could run and run...
Among My Swan [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(114人) Mazzy Star 流派: 民谣
发行时间:1996年1月1日 发行方: Capitol
Among My Swan is the third album by the band Mazzy Star. Although Among My Swan did not contain any US Billboard Hot 100 hits like its predecessor, So Tonight That I Might See, this album did garner the band its highest-ranking single on the UK Singles Chart, when "Flowers In December" reached #40 in November 1996. The album's second single, "I've Been Let Down", did not chart in either the United States or the UK.
Among My Swan relied less on the echo effect that was nearly ubiquitous in all tracks on the previous two albums. Hope Sandoval's voice is paired with simple acoustic instrumentation that marks most of the tracks. The guitar and harmonica accompaniment on "I've Been Let Down" is a prime example of this. These tracks are not markedly different in sound or feel from the preceding two albums.
Among My Swan is widely considered to be Mazzy Star's final album; although the band has not officially broken up, they have released no new material since the release of "I've Been Let Down" as a single in 1996, and lead singer Hope Sandoval has gone on to form Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, which released an album in 2001.
民谣乐队Mazzy Star(迷乱星辰)于1996年推出的专辑,曲风迷幻、黑暗。
Days With Uncertainty [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(106人) The fin. 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2014年12月3日 发行方: Hip Land Music
神戸在住、4人組インディーロック・バンド『The fin.』が、待望の1stフルアルバム『Days With Uncertainty』をリリースする。本作は今年3月にリリースされたEP『Glowing Red On The Shore』同様に、レコーディングからミックスまでをYuto Uchino(Vo/Synth)が行っており、またマスタリングには、Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Washed Out, Warpaint, Deerhunterなどのマスタリングを手掛けているJoe Lambertを起用。80?90年代のシンセポップ、シューゲイザーサウンドから、リアルタイムなUSインディーポップの影響や、チルウェーヴなどを経由したサウンドスケープは、既にSoundCloudで公開している「Night Time」を中心にネット上で話題を呼び、日本のみならず海外からも問い合わせ殺到している。新人ながら「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'14」、「RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2014 in EZO」、「VIVA LA ROCK」などの大型フェスティバルへ出演を果たすなど、新世代バンドの中心的存在となっている。
Souvlaki [音乐] 豆瓣
9.3分(103人) Slowdive 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1993年5月17日 发行方: Creation Records
Souvlaki is the second studio album by the English rock band Slowdive. Recorded in 1992, it was released in the UK on 17 May 1993 by record label Creation, then on 8 February 1994 in the US.
Heaven or Las Vegas [音乐] 豆瓣
9.1分(93人) Cocteau Twins 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2003年6月3日 发行方: 4AD
90年的Heaven Or Las Vegas是走向舞曲的作品,更是DREAM-POP音乐的典范,唱片一改以往阴郁的音乐基调,四处飘逸的是明亮的吉他声和欢快的旋律,Fraser的声线也变得柔软亲和。
余波 [音乐] 豆瓣
7.9分(87人) 卧轨的火车 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2016年10月11日 发行方: 太合麦田/赤瞳音乐
经过一次重要的成员变更,22岁的主唱/吉他手沈帜整理了乐队近两年的作品,和贝斯手肖强、鼓手李文共同完成了卧轨的火车第一张正式专辑《余波》。这张唱片由在万晓利、边远、海草少年军、鸭听天等多支乐队担任乐手的独立制作人/录音师李平操刀,并由美国知名母带师Josh Bonati完成母带制作——令乐队兴奋的是,这位母带师曾制作了他们喜欢的Lo-Fi怪才Mac DeMarco的唱片,其经手的乐队里还有Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, The Soft Moon, Psychic Ills, DIIV等这些耳熟能详的名字。
23 [音乐] 豆瓣
8.1分(79人) Blonde Redhead 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2007年4月10日 发行方: 4AD
blonde redhead这个由两个义大利双胞胎和两个日本女生组成的怪异组合在很难用常理去归纳}他们。大可以偷懒地说他们是 no wave的关联产物(团名还是来自於经典no wave名团DNA之曲名),而乐风上也很难不去联想到sonic youth的痕迹,尤以早期作品最为显著,矛盾的是这也是教许多死忠blonde redhead迷最为留恋的,不是说打后的作品不好,只是该时期的他们特具一股狂放的初生之犊气势,除了满佈菱角的尖锐噪音吉他与急激节奏外,最抓得住听觉关注的自是贝斯手兼女主音kazu独树一帜的嗓音,虽然那种奇特的唱腔大抵会被纳}入kim gordon或是cat power的发声系统,然而纤细神经质的高尖音色却又十分有bjork的味道,kazu就像一个alternative女声的集结,充满挑逗性的痴人囈语,不得不承认blonde redhead的魅力有大半是来自於她。
Blonde Redhead成立于1993年,最初由日本籍留学生 Kazu Makino、 Maki Takahashi和一对意大利孪生兄弟Amedeo Pace 、 Simone Pace四人所组成。名字Blonde Redhead是取源于80年代 no-wave乐队 DNA的一首歌名。
学艺术的日裔学生与意大利双胞兄弟在纽约的意大利餐厅意外相遇,于是有了这个乐团刺耳的吉他、不断轮回的旋律、lo-fi的杂音以及静谧而有些夸张的歌词Blonde Redhead的乐风一直被认为与早期的sonic youth相似他们最初也正是被sonic youth的鼓手steve shelly相中签到steve shelly自己的厂牌smells like records旗下开始发行专辑的Blonde Redhead的名字取自DNA的一首歌而DNA也是sonic youth非常欣赏的no wave乐团。
1995年乐队发行了第一张专集《Blonde Redhead》,新专集面世不久,Maki Takahashi离开了乐队。同年乐队又继续发行了《La Mia Vita Violenta》,还有1997年的《Fake Can Be Just As Good》、1998年的《In an Expression of the Inexpressible》、2000年的《Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons》和《Melodie Citronique EP》,2004年4AD出版的《Misery Is Butterfly》。
曾经开玩笑的跟朋友说,听Blonde Redhead的感觉就是被灭他们加入了4AD,音乐上更加的Acid,但这丝毫不影响那种破灭的感觉午夜置身于Blonde Redhead制造的声音漩涡那喘息着的唱腔刺穿了杂音断电,犹如朵朵透明犀利的水花感觉自己也一同碎裂了,坠入冰冷的湖底......
Depression Cherry [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(73人) Beach House 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2015年8月28日 发行方: Bella Union
Depression Cherry is the fifth album by American dream pop band Beach House. It was announced on May 26, 2015, and will be released on August 28, 2015. According to the band, the album will be a return to the simpler style of dream pop from their first two albums. On the Sub Pop Website, the band has released this statement under the album's page:
"In general, this record shows a return to simplicity, with songs structured around a melody and a few instruments, with live drums playing a far lesser role. With the growing success of Teen Dream and Bloom, the larger stages and bigger rooms naturally drove us towards a louder, more aggressive place; a place farther from our natural tendencies. Here, we continue to let ourselves evolve while fully ignoring the commercial context in which we exist."
Cry [音乐] 豆瓣
6.9分(72人) Cigarettes After Sex 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2019年10月25日 发行方: Partisan Records
"我总是有意识地避开录音室," Cigarettes After Sex的主唱Greg Gonzalez说道:"在世上某个开敞的角落完成录制总会给专辑带来别样的感受。录制地点的特质或氛围就像是某种未知因素,它会成为专辑情感表达中至关重要的一环。
声音和环境的巧妙结合的确塑成了Cigarettes After Sex 第二张全新专辑《Cry》的灵魂。录制于西班牙马略卡岛上一座令人艳羡的宅邸,《Cry》用极简的笔触描绘出曼妙的线条与柔媚的光线,让人在这般声音图景中感到难以言喻的美丽、情迷意乱的渴望。受到岛上鲜活色彩和新鲜环境的感染,Gonzalez常常在与鼓手Jacob Tomsky、贝斯手Randy Miller和键盘手Phillip Tubbs录音前几分钟才写好歌曲。他亲自操刀录音及制作工作,将重心聚焦于捕捉现场表演的氛围,并从录音环境和乐队成员间的交流中获取灵感,探索录音素材的可能。
收录九首歌曲的《Cry》虽然精练,但仍有着难以掩盖的深度。五零年代末、六零年代初流行乐的浪漫氛围只是专辑中容易察觉的要素,Gonzalez此番的尝试还远不止如此;回溯自己童年在德克萨斯州埃尔帕索度过的时光,他从九十年代特哈诺(Tejano)音乐天后Selena和主流乡村歌手Shania Twain等经典音乐人身上汲取到诸多灵感。除了旋律上的花费的心思,Gonzalez在歌词创作上也不遗余力地进行着革新。他毫无畏惧与窘迫,以类似Henry Miller或Leonard Cohen的直白方式坦诚勾画时常露骨的爱欲交缠场面。Gonzalez创作时好比一个电影人,他用细腻、有着电影质感的方式捕捉不易察觉的时刻,并设法从平凡中提炼深刻的意义。
7 [音乐] 豆瓣
8.1分(63人) Beach House 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2018年5月11日 发行方: Bella Union
7 is our 7th full-length record. At its release, we will have been a band for over 13 years. We have now written and released a total of 77 songs together.
Last year, we released an album of b-sides and rarities. It felt like a good step for us. It helped us clean the creative closet, put the past to bed, and start anew.
Throughout the process of recording 7, our goal was rebirth and rejuvenation. We wanted to rethink old methods and shed some self-imposed limitations. In the past, we often limited our writing to parts that we could perform live. On 7, we decided to follow whatever came naturally. As a result, there are some songs with no guitar, and some without keyboard. There are songs with layers and production that we could never recreate live, and that is exciting to us. Basically, we let our creative moods, instead of instrumentation, dictate the album’s feel.
In the past, the economics of recording have dictated that we write for a year, go to the studio, and record the entire record as quickly as possible. We have always hated this because by the time the recording happens, a certain excitement about older songs has often been lost. This time, we built a "home" studio, and began all of the songs there. Whenever we had a group of 3-4 songs that we were excited about, we would go to a “proper” recording studio and finish recording them there. This way, the amount of time between the original idea and the finished song was pretty short (of the album’s 11 songs, 8 were finished at Carriage House in Stamford, CT and 2 at Palmetto Studio in Los Angeles).
7 didn’t have a producer in the traditional sense. We much preferred this, as it felt like the ideas drove the creativity, not any one person’s process. James Barone, who became our live drummer in 2016, played on the entire record. His tastes and the trust we have in him really helped us keep rhythm at the center of a lot of these songs. We also worked with Sonic Boom (Peter Kember). Peter became a great force on this record, in the shedding of conventions and in helping to keep the songs alive, fresh and protected from the destructive forces of recording studio over-production/over-perfection.
The societal insanity of 2016-17 was also deeply influential, as it must be for most artists these days. Looking back, there is quite a bit of chaos happening in these songs, and a pervasive dark field that we had little control over. The discussions surrounding women’s issues were a constant source of inspiration and questioning. The energy, lyrics and moods of much of this record grew from ruminations on the roles, pressures and conditions that our society places on women, past and present. The twisted double edge of glamour, with its perils and perfect moments, was an endless source (see “L’Inconnue,” “Drunk in LA,” “Woo,” “Girl Of The Year,” “Last Ride”).
In a more general sense, we are interested by the human mind's (and nature’s) tendency to create forces equal and opposite to those present. Thematically, this record often deals with the beauty that arises in dealing with darkness; the empathy and love that grows from collective trauma; the place one reaches when they accept rather than deny (see “Dark Spring,” “Pay No Mind,” “Lemon Glow,” “Dive,” “Black Car,” “Lose Your Smile”).
The title, 7, itself is simply a number that represents our seventh record. We hoped its simplicity would encourage people to look inside. No title using words that we could find felt like an appropriate summation of the album.
The number 7 does represent some interesting connections in numerology. 1 and 7 have always shared a common look, so 7 feels like the perfect step in the sequence to act as a restart or “semi-first.” Most early religions also had a fascination with 7 as being the highest level of spirituality, as in "Seventh Heaven.” At our best creative moments, we felt we were channeling some kind of heavy truth, and we sincerely hope the listeners will feel that.
Much Love,
Beach House
releases May 11, 2018
Bloom [音乐] 豆瓣
8.7分(61人) Beach House
发行时间:2012年5月15日 发行方: Sub Pop
Beach House的俩人无敌了,越来惊人。正应的那句古话,“男人搭配,干活不累”。新专辑的制作人依然是Chris Coady(Blonde Redhead),2年内无尽的演出,还有巡演积累的经验早就了新专辑《Bloom》。Victoria Legrand说:“
The upcoming album from Beach House has now been confirmed. As anticipated, the record is titled Bloom and will be out from Sub Pop on May 15 in the U.S. and Canada. It's out May 14 in Europe from Bella Union, May 15 in Mexico from Arts & Crafts, and May 18 in Australia from Mistletone. The lead single, "Myth", was released on the band's website yesterday. The band wrote the album "between countless sound checks and myriad experiences during two years of tour," according to a press release.
So Tonight That I Might See [音乐] 豆瓣
8.7分(60人) Mazzy Star 流派: 流行
发行时间:1993年1月1日 发行方: Capitol
迷幻音乐在九十年代成为尚存后朋克的中坚力量.Mazzy Star便是其杰出代表之一. Mazzy Star更加喜欢阴柔凄美的迷幻味道.从他们的音乐中更容易发现像the Doors.the Velvet Underground的遗风.邋遢懒散的吉他悲痛哀怨的民谣曲风几乎弥漫了整个九十年代几乎成为此类音乐的一种标准.Mazzy Star事实上是吉他手David Roback主唱Hope Sandoval的私人乐队. David Roback在Opal乐队时听到了由Hope Sandoval演唱的一盒录音带[Going Home].Hope嗓音深深打动了他.在Opal乐队的最后一次巡演中.Hope成为了乐队的主唱.不久后.David Roback和Hope Sandoval组建了Mazzy Star.乐队组建初期音乐风格和路线即已经划定.所有的音乐理念的构建在第一张专辑中即都几乎全部完成.此后的两张专辑都是在此基础上再填加一些其它的音乐元素的再发展.但终究没有出离原来的路线,这不知是乐队的创造力不足还是风格的限制或者其它什么原因.其实这也是大多数非主流乐队的最终归宿.在人员组合结构所决定的才华一次性燃尽后.难以为继.最终以解散告终.
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(58人) M83 流派: 电子
发行时间:2011年10月25日 发行方: Mute Records
Following on from the nostalgic synth-pop of his 2008 release Saturdays = Youth Anthony Gonzalez revives his M83 moniker from his new LA base with a concept album spilling across two discs. Morgan Kibby, who featured considerably on Saturdays lends her vocals once more, along with Zola Jesus. Other guest contributors include Brad Laner, guitarist from '90s noise-rock outfit Medicine.
The album has been produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, best known for his work with Beck, alongside playing and recording for a breadth of artists ranging from The Mars Volta to Air to Macy Gray.
Glitter [音乐] 豆瓣 Spotify
8.7分(52人) Pasteboard 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2005年12月21日 发行方: abcdefg*record
Japanese band based in Saitama and formed by Makoto Igarashi and Mihoko Tanouethey. They released this one album before switching to another project: Roly Poly Rag Bear.