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  • 7.0 艺术家: Bugge Wesseltoft / 流派: 爵士 / 发行日期: 2022年2月25日

    In the 25 years since Bugge Wesseltoft founded Jazzland Recordings, he has engaged in numerous group projects and collaborations such as New Conception of Jazz, duos with the likes of Sidsel Endresen, Henning Kraggerud and Henrik Schwarz, one-off projects such as Trialogue, Bugge and Friends, and OKWorld! And of course, the super-trio RYMDEN. However, it is in his solo material that we can glimpse the true soul behind the effervescent and mercurial mind of one of the most influential and important Norwegian musicians of an entire generation. On "Be Am", his latest solo album, Wesseltoft has allowed his creative impulses to wander where they may - no preset rules to govern the composition and production, no obligations to (not) use electronics, not even a will to be totally alone. This is pure playing and composition, where the music speaks freely by whatever means it will. In the more meditative pieces, there is a sense of both natural calm and imposed calm, the difference between which should be apparent to anyone who has suffered the changes of the COVID lockdown periods - there are times when we naturally experience a mental peace, while there are others when we have to bring ourselves, often with great strength of will, to something approximating it. Many of the pieces here have the feeling of being wordless songs - indeed, no words are needed when the notes convey all that is needed on tracks like "Tide" or "State". The arrival of Håkon Kornstad on the track pairing of "Emergence" and "Roads" shifts the mood from one of peace within solitude to peace within company, the latter track being an understated dialogue, a musical soundtrack for watching the world hustling and bustling, or sleeping its way towards a new day. Tracks such as "Messenger", "Green" and "Be Am" throw more angular shapes, musical shadow-play where unexpected progressions shift to moments of gospel uplift before taking unanticipated shifts towards unexpected harmony. With "Life", kalimba accompanied by birdsong loops, carrying us into a piece that takes tentative but exact steps between positions, like tai chi in musical form. "Gonna Be OK", returns to the moods established at the beginning of the album in more optimistic colouring, while "Deeper" transports us across a unusual exploration of the lower reaches of the piano, uncertain, yet familiar, transforming itself with each new chord. "Sunbeams through leaves softly rustling" closes the album with that beautiful Satie-like melodic simplicity that Bugge has made his own. The music of "Be Am" carries ghosts of uncertainty, whispers of resignation, and faint echoes of frustration. But throughout there are rays of hope, a warm clear light of peace and tranquility, and growing flames of an unquenchable fire of determination. It is music of, and for, the human soul.

  • 9.0 艺术家: Richie Beirach / 发行日期: 2000年9月23日

    ECM. 2000.

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    艺术家: Stephan Moccio / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2021年10月15日

    Produced by Moccio and recorded in solitude at his home studio, Lionheart continues the intensely intimate narrative begun on his acclaimed album Tales of Solace—a 2020 release whose top five tracks have surpassed 100 million combined streams to date, bringing the total streaming count of his work as a solo artist to nearly 400 million. “I created both these albums because I very much needed to, on a personal level,” says Moccio, who hails from Canada but lives in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon. “With Tales of Solace I was dealing with necessary cathartic changes in my life. However, this album feels much more positive, like a rebirth.” Written in the throes of quarantine, Lionheart channels that sense of renewal by way of finespun melodies that Moccio describes as introspective

  • 9.5 导演: Peter Rosen / 类型: 纪录片 音乐 历史 / 主演: David Dubal Claudio Arrau 弗拉基米尔·霍洛维茨 Alexander Brailowsky Van Cliburn Alfred Cortot 格伦·古尔德 Percy Grainger 蜜拉·海丝 Josef Hofmann Wanda Landowska Ignacy Jan Paderewski 阿图尔·鲁宾斯坦

    钢琴素来享有“乐器之王”的美誉,它的演进随着历史、社会与科技的发展,历经多重转折。钢琴家同样也在时代的洪流里不断的变换样貌,无论是十九世纪的英雄、二十世纪的明星,钢琴家所扮演的角色,多少反映各年代所崇尚的价值。然而真正历久不衰的,是在钢琴的黄金年代里,大师们的风范与精神。美国钢琴 专家大卫·杜巴尔(David Dubal)详尽且专业的解说,将带领观众探究钢琴的传承历史与表现特色。 特别收录霍洛维茨(Vladimir Horowitz)、古尔德(Glenn Gould)、兰多芙丝卡(Wanda Landowska)、鲁宾斯坦(Arthur Rubinstein)、克莱本(Van Cliburn)、科尔托(Alfred Cortot)等多位大师现场演奏李斯特(Franz Liszt)、贝多芬(Ludwig van Beethoven )、巴赫(Johann Sebastian Bach )、门德尔松(Felix Mendelssohn)、舒伯特(Franz Schubert)、柴可夫斯基(Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)、拉赫玛尼诺夫(Sergei Rachmaninoff)之经典乐曲的珍贵片段。为纪念辞世的钢琴大师阿劳(Claudio Arrau),本片还特别收录1983年由阿劳大师与穆蒂(Riccardo Muti)指挥爱乐管弦乐团(Philharmonia Orchestra)合作的贝多芬第四号钢琴协奏曲。这是一部对钢琴沿革发展实录的珍贵纪录片,值得所有爱乐者欣赏典藏。

  • 9.7 导演: 布莱恩·拉奇 / 类型: 纪录片 / 主演: 弗拉基米尔·霍洛维茨

    A recording of Horowitz's historic recital in Moscow, the program also includes highlights of his return to his native Soviet Union--his first visit in 61 years.

  • 7.5 导演: 周杰伦 / 类型: 爱情 音乐 奇幻 / 主演: 周杰伦 桂纶镁 黄秋生 曾恺玹 苏明明 黄俊郎 宋健彰 詹宇豪 张杰 钟瑶 张训玮

    叶湘伦(周杰伦 饰)是淡江艺术高中的一名插班生,父亲(黄秋生 饰)是该校的一名教师。这天同学晴依(曾恺玹 饰)带他参观学校,接着他独自来到了学校的旧琴房,本身弹得一首好曲的他被某处传来的一首钢琴曲吸引住了。他来到其中一间旧琴房,遇到了路小雨(桂纶镁 饰),纯纯的爱情故事由此发生了。一直以来,叶湘伦都觉得小雨充满了神秘,却无法进一步了解她。叶湘伦约小雨到琴房见面,叶湘伦以为晴依是小雨,跟晴依接吻时被小雨看到,自此之后叶湘伦就没有再看到小雨。叶湘伦到处寻找小雨,发现了那个小雨所说“不能说的秘密”的全部真相。

  • 8.0 艺术家: Alexander Krichel


  • 10.0 艺术家: Murray Perahia / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2018年2月9日

    曲目:1. Allegro 2. Scherzo. Assai vivace 3. Adagio sostenuto 4. Largo - Allegro risoluto 1. Adagio sostenuto 2. Allegretto 3. Presto agitato

  • 8.0 艺术家: Maurizio Pollini Alexander Lonquich Ilya Gringolts Mario Brunello Berliner Philharmoniker Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela Claudio Abbado / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2008年7月8日

    One of the greatest Beethoven Piano Concerto cycles of recent times, from Abbado and fellow countryman Maurizio Pollini, returns to the catalogue at an attractive price (3-for-2). A brand-new recording of Beethoven's Triple Concerto fills out the package, with Maestro Abbado conducting the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela (about whom Abbado has said, "[This] young orchestra's devotion to music [has] deeply impressed me.") and a dynamic trio of soloists.

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    艺术家: Boris Berezovsky / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2003年5月1日

    曲目:1. I Preludio 2. II Fusees 3. III Paysage 4. IV Mazeppa 5. V Feux Follets 6. VI Vision 7. VII Eroica 8. VIII Wilde Jagd 9. IX Ricordanza 10. X Appassionata 11. XI Harmonies Du Soir 12. XII Chasse-Neige

  • 8.7 艺术家: Kun-Woo Paik / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2020年9月18日

    The album cover reminds me of Monk by the Sea, an oil painting that the German romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840) created in 1810, the year when Schumann was born. Schumann has two sides of his personality: young Schumann, who was filled with musical, literary inspirations and dreams, and later Schumann, who was consumed by madness and darkness. Pianist Kun-Woo Paik looks like a traveller who is about to step towards the sky. When you take a closer look, you realize that the landscape isn’t real but a wall. Here the sky, a symbol of universe and infinity, is restraint and restriction. Paik is a real romanticist who believes in love. Picasso once said it took a lifetime to paint like a child. He also has never lost the boy in him. For this, he became a philosopher. A boy and a philosopher.

  • 6.0 艺术家: 亚历山大·多辛 Alexandre Dossin / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2017年10月1日

    曲目:Old Grandmother's Tales, Op. 31 Six Pieces, Op. 52 Childhood Manuscripts: Tarantella in D Minor Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 2: #7 Melody in E Flat Major Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 3 (excerpts) Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 4 (excerpts) Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 5 (excerpts) Examination Fugue in D Major Scherzo in D Major

  • 8.0 艺术家: 马尔塔·阿格里齐 Martha Argerich 阿图尔·利马 Arthur Moreira Lima 罗威基(罗维茨基/罗维基) Witold Rowicki / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2021年11月17日

    曲目:1. Piano Concerto in E Minor, Op. 11 Allegro maestoso Romanze – Larghetto (E major) Rondo – Vivace in E major 2. Piano Concerto in F Minor, Op. 21 Maestoso (F minor) Larghetto (A-flat major) Allegro vivace (F minor – F major)

  • 8.0 艺术家: Alexandre Kantorow / 发行日期: 2021年12月3日


  • 8.0 艺术家: 杨·李谢茨基 Jan Lisiecki 圣马丁室内乐团 Academy of St. Martin in the Fields / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2019年9月13日

    Live Recording: Konzerthaus Berlin, 12/2018 ℗ 2019 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Stralauer Allee 1, 10245 Berlin © 2019 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin Liner Notes in English and German. Made in the EU • Total Time: 67:00 (CD 1) • 68:38 (CD 2) • 38:15 (CD 3) A&R, Production Manager – Malene Hill Bassoon – Emily Hultmark, Richard Skinner (2) Cello – Judith Herbert, Martin Loveday, Stephen Orton, William Schofield Clarinet – Nicholas Cox (2), Tom Lessels Composed By – Ludwig van Beethoven Design – Anja Hoppe Double Bass – Lynda Houghton, Markus Van Horn Executive-Producer – Ute Fesquet Film Producer – Bernhard Fleischer, Tanja Dorn Flute – Laura Jellicoe, Michael Cox (3) Horn – Stephen Stirling, Timothy Brown (2) Liner Notes – Christoph Vratz Liner Notes [English Translation] – Fiona Orpin Music Director, Piano – Jan Lisiecki Oboe – Rachel Ingleton, Tom Blomfield Orchestra – Academy Of St Martin In The Fields* Other [Manager Scores & Publishing] – Dorothea Schlegel Photography By, Cover – Christoph Köstlin Producer – Stephan Flock Timpani – Tristan Fry Trumpet – Mark David, William O'Sullivan Viola – Alexandros Koustas, Ian Rathbone, Martin Humbey, Milena Simovic Violin [Violin II] – Alicja Smietana*, Fiona Brett, Jennifer Godson, Mark Butler, Martin Burgess, Winona Fifield Violin [Violin I] – Gabrielle Painter, Harvey De Souza, Katie Stillman, Matthew Ward (3), Raja Halder, Robert Salter Violin [Violin I], Leader – Tomo Keller

  • 6.0 艺术家: Alfred Brendel / 发行日期: 2009年8月24日


  • 8.0 艺术家: 弗拉基米尔·阿什肯纳齐 Vladimir Ashkenazy / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 1988年1月1日

    曲目:1.'Corelli' Variations, Op. 42 18:41 I 2.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 1 In C Minor - Allegro Agitato 2:56 3.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 2 In A Minor - Lento Assai 6:39 4.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 3 In F Sharp Minor - Allegro Molto 2:47 5.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 4 In B Minor - Allegro Assai 3:40 6.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 5 In E Flat Minor - Appassionato 5:12 7.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 6 In A Minor - Allegro 2:25 8.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 7 In C Minor - Lento 5:34 9.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 8 In D Minor - Allegro Moderato 2:58 10.Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 9 In D Major - Allegro Moderato 3:38

  • 8.0 艺术家: Ted Rosenthal Trio / 流派: 流行 / 发行日期: 2009年5月12日

    My Funny Valentine by Ted Rosenthal Trio This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.

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    艺术家: Mathieu Gaudet / 流派: 古典 / 发行日期: 2020年10月9日


  • 8.0 艺术家: Alexander Scriabin Dmitri Alexeev / 发行日期: 2021年11月26日

    曲目:1. Valse, Op. 1 2. 3 Pièces, Op. 2: I. Étude in C-Sharp Minor. Andante 3. 3 Pièces, Op. 2: II. Prelude in B Major 4. 3 Pièces, Op. 2: III. Impromptu À La Mazur in C Major 5. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: I. Tempo Giusto in B Minor 6. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: II. Allegretto Non Tanto in F-Sharp Minor 7. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: III. Allegretto in G Minor 8. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: IV. Moderato in E Major 9. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: V. Doloroso in D-Sharp Minor 10. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: VI. Scherzando in C-Sharp Minor 11. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: VII. Con Passione in E Minor 12. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: VIII. Con Moto in B-Flat Minor 13. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: IX. Mazurka in G-Sharp Minor 14. 10 Mazurkas, Op. 3: X. Mazurka in E-Flat Minor 15. Allegro Appassionato, Op. 4 16. Nocturne No. 1 in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 5 17. Nocturne No. 2 in A Major, Op. 5 18. Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 6: I. Allegro Con Fuoco 19. Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 6: II. Crotchet = 40 20. Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 6: III. Presto - Funèbre 21. Impromptus No. 1 À La Mazur in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 7 22. Impromptus No. 2 À La Mazur in F-Sharp Major 23. Ètude No. 1 in C-Sharp Major, Op. 8. Allegro 24. Ètude No. 2 in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 8. A Capriccio, Con Forza 25. Ètude No. 3 in B Minor, Op. 8. Tempestoso 26. Ètude No. 4 in B Major, Op. 8. Piacevole 27. Ètude No. 5 in E Major, Op. 8. Brioso 28. Ètude No. 6 in A Major, Op. 8. Con Grazia 29. Ètude No. 7 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 8. Presto Tenebroso, Agitato 30. Ètude No. 8 in A-Flat Major, Op. 8. Lento, Tempo Rubato 31. Ètude No. 9 in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 8. Alla Ballata 32. Ètude No. 10 in D-Flat Major. Allegro 33. Ètude No. 11 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 8. Andante Cantabile 34. Ètude No. 12 in D-Sharp Minor, Op. 8. Patetico 35. Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9: I. Prelude in C-Sharp Minor 36. Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9: II. Nocturne 37. Impromptus in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 10 38. Impromptus in A Major, Op. 10 39. Prelude No. 1 in C Major, Op. 11 40. Prelude No. 2 in A Minor, Op. 11 41. Prelude No. 3 in G Major, Op. 11 42. Prelude No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 11 43. Prelude No. 5 in D Major, Op. 11 44. Prelude No. 6 in B Minor, Op. 11 45. Prelude No. 7 in A Major, Op. 11 46. Prelude No. 8 in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 11 47. Prelude No. 9 in E Major, Op. 11 48. Prelude No. 10 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 11 49. Prelude No. 11 in B Major, Op. 11 50. Prelude No. 12 in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 11