含有标签 “experimental” 的结果
async [音乐] 豆瓣
9.2分(109人) 坂本龍一 流派: 电子
发行时间:2017年3月29日 发行方: Milan Records
Ryuichi Sakamoto has announced a new studio album, async, out April 28 via Milan. It’s the Japanese composer’s first studio album since 2012’s Three, with Jaques Morelenbaum and Judy Kang, and his first solo album in 8 years. Sakamoto recorded and conceived of the album in New York, taking inspiration from “everyday objects, sculpture, and nature,” according to a press release.
在上海 (2001) [电影] 豆瓣
8.1分(108人) 导演: 娄烨
又名: in Shanghai
In Shanghai Lou Ye, 2001
short Film
In Shanghai or the eyes of a Chinese director of his city, Shanghai, Communist economic center , but also megalopolis with many faces ...
Lou Ye is a great filmmaker. After having the success that we know for the sublime Suzhou River, the young director of the sixth generation is coupled to the design of this short film about Shanghai, the city of his heart , beautiful and multicultural . Camera in hand ( for lovers is a Sony DSR- PD150 DVCam ... ) for subjective , Lou Ye rhyme begins this urban plan by a girl asleep on a bed. Slowly the camera moves out of the suburb where this unknown young woman is given the arms of Morpheus , better visit this city that is Shanghai. The narrator who is also the hero says in voice-over that he loves this megalopolis . It focuses on the residents of these neighborhoods without cloth and without resources where most of the native population of Shanghai Lodge . Indeed the streets Zongshan Donglu which contains the Bund, Pudong, the famous Oriental Pearl is not the stock market and everyone. We must go farther Jingan District to discover the social wealth of this city . Why attach immense cold and nervous architectures while the Shanghai Blood flows through the veins of its rural ? It's a little message Lou Ye through this short film .
"You can guess who they are, but we can never really know "
Lou Ye eradicates a rare cinematic power of this often precarious and old people waiting on the bus every morning to go to work and make the Chinese economy humming .
The old streets of the city like the nearby temple Cheung Hong Bund to the bank of the Huangpu , the filmmaker does not recognize the city. As if all these steel towers of the 21st century had absorbed the social essence of the " Paris of the East" .
Lou Ye then takes us on a visit to the arcades , discos, clubs, dances, flashy locations and disconnected from the reality of ordinary people in the middle of poverty which is near workers and street vendors where people drown their defecation in water by putting the edge of an old tub ... This is a new look for the Western .
Finally, after making stops in a dangerous Shanghai streets by night , the hero wakes up in the morning director in a corner near buildings unsafe and fixed on the face of a shy child , concluding : "The only thing that matters is Shanghai . "
By these words Mr. Lou Ye, I bear you my esteem .
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven [音乐] 豆瓣
9.4分(99人) Godspeed You! Black Emperor 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2000年1月1日 发行方: Kranky
来自加拿大的Godspeed You! Black Emperor(好绕口的名字)的代表作,非常优秀的后摇,旋律、节奏、情感都把握得十分出色,专辑中的歌曲都是几十分钟一首的大部头,但听起来丝毫不觉得冗长,浑然一体。
我明白,Joy Division已被升上神台,所有低调死亡不快,全部都和他们有关。但如果我告诉那位旧同事,以及各位TMF网友,最近我发现了一支竟比Joy Division,甚至和我以往所有听过的低调音乐,还要更低调死亡不快的乐团,自命生活不如意的你,可会重拾点点人生兴趣,找来一听?我所说的,是来自加拿大Montreal的Post-Rock乐团Godspeed You Black Emperor!。
具体点来说,Godspeed的长篇乐章往往分为多个段落,你听到的可能是一段不安的街头演说,可能是一片Ambient声效,可能是由提琴发出的哀怨悲鸣,可能是由结他勾出的荒凉意境,却随时渐变为疯狂凌乱的Free Form摇滚弹奏,弹奏速度更是越来越风驰急激,仿似完全冲破了任何规范教条,不顾一切。我开始明白他们为何会采用Godspeed You Black Emperor!,这个源自日本某个黑夜飞车党称号,作为乐团的名字。
试过好几次听Godspeed,特别是最新的一张双CD专辑《Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven!》时,每每期待着乐章中那山雨欲来的一发不可收拾气势来临,仿佛将心中所有不快集中在一起,等待一息间全部爆发出来。是的,听Godspeed的音乐虽然很痛苦不安,但亦很美丽释怀,虽然一切只是暂时性的幻像。
"Heroes" [音乐] 豆瓣
9.5分(95人) David Bowie 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1977年1月1日 发行方: Virgin Records
Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.
Kids Only [音乐] 豆瓣
7.7分(93人) 窦靖童 流派: 流行
发行时间:2017年9月19日 发行方: Grey Waters Ltd.
历时一年潜心创作,窦靖童推出全新概念专辑《Kids Only》。专辑共10首歌,她一手包办作词作曲,更担任专辑制作人,带来一张原汁原味,非常“窦靖童”的音乐大碟。 去年窦靖童发布首张原创专辑《Stone Café》在乐坛引起极大反响,其特立独行的音乐态度和令人耳目一新的音乐风格,带给乐迷极大惊喜。被一众资深乐评人看好为华语流行乐坛未来之星的她,终于在今年夏天交出第二份令人欣喜的答卷。 《Kids Only》是一张更加丰富多元的音乐作品。正式踏入乐坛之后,窦靖童在音乐上的探索更加深入,先后赴日本、英国、美国演出,和世界顶级音乐人合作,在音乐创作上迅速成长。在这张专辑中,窦靖童有更多音乐风格的尝试,更有对中国音乐的独立思考:“我常常在想一个问题,到底是什么才算是中国音乐?对我而言,可能不是语言、乐器、或者某一种节奏、旋律,而是一种气场。我是中国人,那么我做出来的音乐,自然就有中国味道吧。” 谈及这张专辑的创作过程,童童表示这张专辑更能反映自己现时的状态:“第一张专辑发行的时候,离创作那些歌已经有一段时间了,多少会有些距离感。而这一次我觉得自己和《Kids Only》是平行的,它就是当下的我。”新专辑里的歌曲大部分采取同期录制,每首歌都邀请不同的音乐人参与,大家甚至可以在录制中自由发挥,这种融合与碰撞产生了奇妙的化学反应,然后把每一个当下记录串联起来,成就了鲜活可爱的《Kids Only》。 细心聆听《Kids Only》,你会从中感受到窦靖童徜徉在音乐世界的自由灵魂。歌里有顽皮的孩子气,有少年时代的烦恼与忧愁,有她的放肆狡黠也有温柔乖张。她坦言这张专辑的风格是不固定的,更没有什么目的性,连专辑封面都是随手拿来表弟的照片改图完成的,俏皮又随性。她的音乐注定无法用文字定义,因为她是独一无二的窦靖童。
Carsick Cars [音乐] 豆瓣
8.2分(91人) Carsick Cars兵马司唱片 流派: 摇滚
Daydream Nation [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(90人) Sonic Youth 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1988年1月1日 发行方: Geffen Records
"100 Greatest Albums of the 1980s" (Rolling Stone, 1989)
"100 Alternative Albums" (Spin, 1995)
"Top 99 Albums of `85 to `95" (Alternative Press, 1995)
"The Essential 200 Rock Records" (Rolling Stone, 1997)
"Top 100 Albums of All Time" (New Musical Express, 2003)
The King of Limbs [音乐] 豆瓣
7.6分(85人) Radiohead 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2011年2月19日 发行方: XL Recordings
The King of Limbs is the eighth studio album by English alternative rock band Radiohead, produced by Nigel Godrich. It will be released on 19 February 2011 as a download in MP3 and WAV formats, followed by a physical CD release in the UK on 28 March [1] and a special "newspaper" edition on 9 May 2011.[2] The "newspaper" edition will contain "two clear 10-inch vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve, many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork, a compact disc, and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradable plastic to hold it all together".[3]
The album was announced on Radiohead's website on 14 February 2011, five days before release.[4] The name of the album possibly refers to an oak tree in Wiltshire's Savernake Forest, thought to be 1,000 years old.[4] The tree is a pollarded oak, referring to an ancient technique for harvesting timber for fencing and firewood. Though it does not feature on maps, the tree is said to be 3 miles (4.8 km) from Tottenham Court House, where Radiohead recorded part of their previous album In Rainbows.[5]
雨吁 [音乐] 豆瓣
9.3分(76人) 窦唯 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2006年8月8日 发行方: 上海音像公司
Computer World [音乐] 豆瓣
9.2分(73人) Kraftwerk 流派: 电子
发行时间:1981年1月1日 发行方: Elektra / Wea
70年代中期,德国的 Kraftwerk 乐队勾勒了以后十几年中无数电子音乐家竭力追随着去实现的宏伟蓝图。从英伦 New Wave 运动到 hip-hop 再到 techno,乐队自己形容的“机器人流行乐”(用电子设备表现出的有催眠节奏的音乐)在电子音乐的每个新的发展阶段都产生了巨大的反响,深刻地影响着20世纪末同时代的流行乐。作为电子乐先锋,他们持久深远的影响无论怎样形容都不嫌夸张。
Kraftwerk 是从60年代末的德国实验音乐团体中脱颖而出的,这个团体也孵化了像Can和 Tangerine Dream 这样的着名乐队。乐队核心成员 Florian Schneider 和 Ralf Hutter 首次相遇时还是西德一所古典音乐学院的学生。他俩起初在一个叫 The Organization 的五人乐队里,1970年乐队发行了专辑 《Tone Float》。接着 Schneider 和 Hutter 就解散了 Organisation,重新组建了自己的乐队并命名为 Kraftwerk(德文意思是“发电站”),开始在他们自己的工作室(后来称为“King Klang”)里制作起了音乐,沉浸在他用最低限度要求电子学创作的还不是很成熟的音乐中。他们1971年的首张专辑 《Kraftwerk 1》,提出了他们独特美学观点的早期雏形,并进行了一些创新的尝试,包括其中用到的由 Schneider 自己设计制作的电子设备。专辑中怪异机械的噪音处理和环境电声操作让当时的乐坛大吃一惊。
接下来的是一系列的人员变换,甚至 Hutter 也一度离开了乐队。但是,到发行专辑 《Kraftwerk 2》 时, Hutter 又回来和 Schneider 一起工作了。这张录音没有用鼓,专辑的节奏部分全部由鼓机来提供,创造出了在那时还没有先例(从纯技术概念来看)的具有明显机械感的音乐,彻底地与传统音乐家背道而驰(正如当时的听众)。然后乐队举办了一些颇受欢迎的现场演出,直到他们第三张具有突破性的专辑,1973年的《Ralf and Florian》的发行。专辑把他们的野心和抱负精炼成一些简单但极有革新理念的动机,他们的音乐变得越来越具有启发性——尽管他们这种轮廓鲜明、科学的形象是完全处在那个时代流行音乐的对立面。
Kraftwerk 在美国发行的第一张专辑,1974年的 《Autobahn》 获得了国际上的巨大成功。标题曲 “Autobahn” 长达22分钟半,剪辑后的单曲版在人们的家里和旅途中处处可闻。在美国这支先前不为人知的乐队却冲上了流行音乐专辑排行榜且居高不下。大部分用穆格电子合成器演奏的第一首序曲打破传统流行音乐的结构和旋律的同时,《Autobahn》 确立了独特的 Kraftwerk 之声。从这张专辑开始,Kraftwerk 便从 Krautrock 中蜕变到了纯电子音乐领域,并成功地闯入了流行音乐界,使电子音乐在主流音乐中找到了永久的立足点。
1975年 Kraftwerk 以一张探讨无线电通讯题材的概念专辑 《Radio—Activity》 再次露面,专辑发行了德文和英文两个版本,预示了乐队在世界范围的流行。
火车旅行是1977年的专辑 《Trans—Europe Express》 的主题,标志着音乐向机械化方向发展的运动正在兴起。《Trans—Europe Express》 对早期的 Hip-hop 产生过重大影响,它把一种比较冷酷严厉的节奏和胆怯神秘的高音调散射结合到了一起,这种效果具有催眠作用。Kraftwerk 善于使用重复部分,这种效果就像是节奏中带有弹性效应。曲子 “Metal On Metal” 就像是吹来一股凉爽的微风。
1978年的专辑 《The Man Machine》 走得更远,在这张唱片里已完全失去了人类触觉。唱片封面的构图取自俄国结构主义大师 El Lissitzky 强硬的对角斜纹布局,它棱角分明的线条正符合 Kraftwerk 想表现的机器、动力等意想,乐队成员身着大红色的衬衫和漆黑色的领带,极富挑战性。这时,Kraftwerk 的成员甚至公开地称自己为机器人,开篇曲 “We Are the Robots” 更是巩固了这个形象。一曲旋律优美、典雅浪漫的 “The Model” 让人百听不厌。整张唱片的曲子结构严谨、编曲精细,乐队操纵起各种电子元素已是驾轻就熟,使这张专辑到达了 Kraftwerk 音乐事业的顶峰。
紧接着乐队便从人们的视野中消失了,经过长期的缺席后发行了他们1981年的专辑 《Computer World》,却没有回到先前的动机,而是针对计算机这一将在全球范围占据统治地位的新技术的沉思——他们的音乐很早就对人类的将来提出了预示。专辑中的单曲 “Computer Love” 冲上了英国流行音乐排行榜榜首,之后他们便又消失了。
沉寂了五年之久,1986年 Kraftwerk 推出了专辑《Electric Cafe》。这时,使用电子合成器和鼓机的流行音乐已经成了主流,乐队卓越的成就也使他们名垂青史。
1991年,Kraftwerk 发行了一张名为 《The Mix》 的重新混音精选辑。以后的几年乐队一直保持沉默,直到1999年末才发表了单曲“Expo 2000”。
回顾 Kraftwerk 的音乐历程,虽然到了后期乐队几乎没有发表什么新作品,但他们在现代流行音乐中的地位绝对是不可动摇的。从另一个角度来看,正是乐队这种寻求突破、不断创新的态度使其后来的音乐受到了限制,他们的完美主义精神为日后的创作设立了一个几乎不可能超越的标准。
Kraftwerk 在70年代中期的三张专辑 《Autobahn》、《Trans—Europe Express》、《The Man Machine》 无疑是乐队最成熟完美的作品。Kraftwerk 的电子音乐摆脱了冗长繁复的结构,采用了小巧、循环的节奏编排,听来极为流畅悦耳。这三张专辑在当时的传统音乐家看来是离经叛道,却震撼了无数有革新理念的实验音乐家,使他们从此改变了自己的音乐道路。New Wave、New Romantic、Ambient、Hip—hop、Techno 甚至工业噪音等音乐都从中得到了启发,音乐家们在 Kraftwerk 音乐思想的指引下层层突破,使得今天的电子音乐极为繁盛。也许不少人还没有听过这三张唱片,但现在人们听到的流行音乐却都渗透着 Kraftwerk 的艺术理念。
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This is the album pundits like to point to when they accuse Kraftwerk of being digital-age visionaries; an all-too-easy assessment to make in the face of tracks such as "Home Computer" and "Computer Love" (not an ode to one-hand typing!). But to saddle the band with the reputation of sages is to completely miss the low-key wit and all-too-human playfulness of this album. "Pocket Calculator" and "Numbers" (the lyrics: numbers one to eight--period) could be read as tongue-in-cheek ripostes to too much bad "educational" programming, but that would smack of creeping punditry. Computer World is Kraftwerk's most lovable bundle of contradictions: at once its most technologically obsessed album and its most human. --Jerry McCulley
Product Description
1997 Japanese reissue of the German electronic/ techno icon's landmark 1981 album with 'Dentaku' added as a bonus track. Eight tracks total. EMI release. --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.
Low [音乐] 豆瓣
9.0分(70人) David Bowie 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1977年1月1日 发行方: Virgin Records Us
Low is the eleventh studio album by English singer David Bowie, released on RCA Records in January 1977. Recorded largely in France following Bowie's move to West Berlin and decision to break his drug dependence, Low became the first of three collaborations with musician Brian Eno and producer Tony Visconti later termed the "Berlin Trilogy". The album marked a shift in Bowie's musical style toward an electronic and avant-garde approach that would be further explored on subsequent albums "Heroes" (1977) and Lodger (1979).
Though it was initially met with mixed critical reviews, Low has since become widely acclaimed as one of Bowie's best and most influential works.
LP1 [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(68人) FKA Twigs 流派: 电子
发行时间:2014年8月11日 发行方: Young Turks
LP1 is the first full length studio album by FKA Twigs. It will be released August 12, 2014.
An Awesome Wave [音乐] 豆瓣
8.9分(64人) Alt-J
发行时间:2012年6月5日 发行方: Infectious Records
An Awesome Wave is the debut studio album by English indie rock band alt-J, released on 25 May 2012 by Infectious Records. The album includes the singles "Matilda"/"Fitzpleasure", "Breezeblocks" and "Tessellate". It peaked at number thirteen on the UK Albums Chart, and also charted in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Switzerland. An Awesome Wave won the 2012 British Barclaycard Mercury Prize, and in 2013 was named Album of the Year at the Ivor Novello Awards.
Spiderland [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(64人) Slint 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:1991年1月1日 发行方: Touch & Go Records
存在于1987-1991年间的美国post-rock乐队,这是他们的第二张,也是最后一张完整的录音室专辑,专辑发行不久乐队即告解散。他们在音乐中大量使用吉他噪音和怪异的和弦来营造旋律和氛围,人声退居到很不显眼的位置。这张专辑被许多人认为是第一张后摇滚专辑,影响十分深远。专辑发行的时候,封套上留了个地址,希望有兴趣参与的女音乐人和他们联系。PJ Harvey曾经给这个地址去过信,但那时乐队已经不存在了。
肯塔基州路易维尔的 Slint 成军于 1987 年,在出版两张叫好不叫座的专辑《Tweez》(1989) 和《Spiderland》(1991) 后便宣告解散﹝1994 年出版的迷你辑《Slint》录制于 1990 年左右﹞,但影响力却随着团员四散新组的乐团,和无数受 Slint 启蒙而纷纷仿效的后进,而与日俱增。被众多媒体包括 Alternative Press、 Pitchfork 等选为90 年代百大专辑,NME、Melody Maker 等选为乐史百大专辑,由 Steve Albini 制作的 《Spiderland》是乐史第一张可以称作后摇滚的唱片。这个堂皇的冠冕虽然成就了后来 Slint 无与伦比的传奇名声,但实际上听过 Slint 音乐的人,其实少得可怜,不少人可能只听过 1995 年发的《Kids》原声带里收录的结束曲〈Good Morning Captain〉。但无庸置疑的,从 Polvo、June of 44、Dirty Three 到 Mogwai、Godspeed You Black Emporer!、Sigur Ros,Slint 的影响至今持续发酵。
ANIMA [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(63人) Thom Yorke 流派: 电子
发行时间:2019年6月27日 发行方: XL Recordings
A ‘one-reeler’ also entitled ANIMA will be available to watch exclusively via Netflix from 8am BST on June 27. The one-reeler, made by Paul Thomas Anderson, is set to three tracks from Thom’s new album.
ANIMA was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich. The album features 9 tracks, with an extra track exclusively on vinyl. ANIMA will be available on CD, black double vinyl, limited edition orange double vinyl, and a deluxe 180g heavyweight orange double vinyl which includes a 40-page book of lyrics, and drawings done in pencil by Stanley Donwood and Dr Tchock.
Lagrange Points [音乐] 豆瓣
8.6分(61人) Mooncake 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2008年3月9日 发行方: Self Released
月饼的首张出来了,莫斯科的这些家伙们对中国的喜爱看来是不可否认的事实。现场背景播放中国图片,以及MV中选用一些中国的画面。都是Mooncake想要表达的音乐一部分,一张EP后的受关注的首张专辑《Lagrange Points》呈现出来了,一张1小时的乐器专辑。之前的4人组合,目前又扩张到了5人。新加入的Nikolay Bulanov成员,为Mooncake的音乐加入了大提琴的悠扬旋律。专辑的封面对应着专辑曲目,坐标式的“L1”到“L5”,按照方位的不同,被穿插在专辑中。让人觉得十分的有意思
Post Date:2008-05-1
Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(59人) Kendrick Lamar 流派: 说唱
发行时间:2022年5月13日 发行方: pgLang / Top Dawg Entertainment / Interscope Records
Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is the upcoming fifth studio album by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. Set to be released on May 13, 2022, it is his first studio album since the release of 2017's critically acclaimed Damn. The album is expected to be released in association with pgLang, Lamar's newly-founded media company, and Top Dawg Entertainment. Lamar has stated that the album will be his last with Top Dawg Entertainment.
For The First Time [音乐] 豆瓣
8.5分(59人) Black Country, New Road 流派: 摇滚
发行时间:2021年2月5日 发行方: Ninja Tune
Black Country, New Road return today with the news of their signing to Ninja Tune, who will release their much-anticipated debut album "For the first time" on February 5th 2021.Recorded with Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine) during the early part of this year and then finished at the end of the nationwide lock-down, the album is the perfect capturing of a new band and all the energy, ferocity and explosive charge that comes with that whilst also clearly the work of a group who have no interest in repetition, one-note approaches or letting creative stagnation set in. Featuring six new songs including reinterpretations of early tracks "Sunglasses" and "Athens, France", "For the first time" is a sonic time capsule that somehow manages to bottle the past, the present and the future.
“We wanted it to sound exactly how we love to sound live,” says saxophonist Lewis Evans. “This is basically representative of our first 18 months”, continues frontman Isaac Wood.
Indeed the band found they had to stop themselves running too far ahead in order to document this album in a way that felt as truthful as possible.
“We see this as being a stop in the road” explains Isaac. I've always been interested in a really honest portrayal of what a band is and what they've been working on. I think it's really nice if people can see an artist like: this was them in the early days, this was their next phase and that they're quite clear and honest about genuine progression as people and musicians.”
The band have today also shared the new track, "Science Fair", alongside an interview with The FADER.
Minimalist and foreboding, "Science Fair" opens around their rhythm section, precise percussion and bass locking in to allow a residual build from the rest of the band, viola and sax loop and layer over fits and squalls from dual guitars, a synth break and an ever-anxious narrative laid down by Isaac Wood. Climbing towards his desperate exclamation of - "it's black country out there!" - the song caves in on itself during a blistering, caustic final breakdown. Already a live favourite, "Science Fair" is paired to a video directed by Bart Price who said the following about its themes:
"When developing the music video for 'Science Fair', I was thinking about fictitious worlds that we visit through our screens, such as the American high school. Despite our lack of direct experience, these worlds become a universal means of communicating about and understanding things like what it means to grow up, or what it means to be in a friendship group, or to be in love. I wanted to create such a world around Black Country, New Road, placing their music at the heart of a small American town, that in a sense we’ve all been to and lived in."
Despite having just those two early singles to date, Black Country, New Road - their name originally found on a random Wikipedia generator - have made an impressive impact on fans and critics alike. Declared “the best band in the world” by The Quietus, with glowing reviews from The New York Times to The Guardian, a cover feature for Loud & Quiet, a live BBC 6 Music session, selling out shows across the country (including 1700 tickets in London), being invited to festivals around the world including Primavera and Glastonbury, and finding themselves on French TV sandwiched between Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien.
Their live performances gaining legendary status among fans of the emerging scene that coalesced around vaunted south London venue The Windmill, and which gave rise to many of their peers and contemporaries such as Fat White Family, black midi and Squid, artists with whom they have variously supported, toured with and collaborated with over the years.